Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What’s Your Share Of The Secret $7.7 Trillion Bailout?

It is very concerning when the Federal Reserve is sending over 7.7 Trillion in what equates to bailout money to the European Countries that have proven they cannot manage their money. The part that makes it unsettling is the fact this is done with out any over sight. The President and Congress either don't know about it or are choosing to ignore it. Which is worse? With the state our Country is in right now, do you think that money could help stimulate the economy here? It makes me think about what the flight attendants say, put the mask on yourself before your child. Why? Because if you pass out then you both with be in trouble. Makes you think. 7.7 Trillion. Now, the Fed can't just send everyone in the country the 7.7 Trillion but it makes you wonder if there could have been something better done with some funds invested in these other Countries. They claim it is our Mortgage backed securities that brought them down so if we fixed our foreclosure mess, wouldn't that help turn those struggling Countries debt problems around?

Please click on the video below to start raising some questions and prepare yourself for these up coming elections. Change needs to happen.

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