Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Market Your Service To More First-Time Home Buyers

First time real estate buyers are some of the most valuable clients out there, and the Internet is your best bet for attracting them. That's because new buyers are generally younger and spend more time doing research before entering the market, all of which adds up to more Internet use. Tech-savvy real estate professionals who can master a few new Internet marketing strategies will have a much easier time connecting with younger buyers, and building their market for the future.

Every real estate professional knows the value of first impressions, and that's why everyone wants to work with first-time buyers. Helping someone buy their first home is not just a huge responsibility, but also a marketing victory. With a successful first-time transaction, real estate professionals put themselves in a position to work with a client again in the future, and have their services referred to friends and family. But like a first home showing, that first transaction has to leave behind positive imagery and something to look forward to, otherwise the buyer will look somewhere else next time.

A strong Internet presence with a well designed, well written, and useful website is the most effective online marketing tool, and most tech-savvy Realtors will already have this. The advantage to already having a good website is that you can build on it, or use it as a central resource linking to your new marketing tools.

Many real estate professionals and developers are also realizing the benefits of online television in marketing property to younger buyers. Popular examples of this marketing tactic have included sitcom webisodes, real estate agent walk-thrus, and reality-TV style interviews with current homeowners. One online television series called Donovan Life told the story of a young professional woman who moved into a new downtown condo (the development being marketed) with her best friend. Like a television series featuring product placement, the Will and Grace-style Donovan Life managed to create a branded environment, and market a particular lifestyle. The series was a hit with younger buyers, and the development sold out quickly.

Tech savvy real estate professionals have also had a lot of success marketing to younger buyers with social networking. For example, instead of contacting leads via phone of sending mass emails, real estate professionals can simply set up a Facebook page and advertise their services. Clients tend to react well to this approach because it's more transparent, and doesn't require any personal information on their part - essentially it's the same thing as a website.

It's also important to keep in mind that these marketing tactics work well other groups besides young buyers. With more than 80 per cent of buyers and sellers using the Internet first in their real estate search, broadening your online presence is guaranteed to expand your market.

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